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MILITARY LAW (all aspects)

  • Courts-martial
  • Investigations
  • Appeals
  • Administrative discharges
  • Nonjudicial punishment
  • Correction of Records
  • Medical Boards

Any issue concerning the military must be taken seriously. Whether you are facing criminal charges at a court-martial or nonjudicial punishment, or an separation from the service, your career and the rest of your life will be affected in a very serious way. A criminal conviction will be on your record the rest of your life and will have serious consequences. A discharge from the military can also affect your ability to obtain employment or various benefits and rights. How an injury and medical issues are handled will affect your eligibility for benefits from the military and the Veterans’ Administration. Each of these areas are tremendously important both now and in the future. It is critical to consult with an attorney before you sign any papers or make any decisions about how to proceed.